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Spring 2019 Final General Body Meeting

The Final General Body Meeting will take place Sunday, March 31 @ 7:30pm in the Senate Chamber of the Ohio Union. We are fortunate enough to have guest speaker Angela Rucci, a computer science engineering senior, come speak about a revolutionary app she has been developing.


As we are nearing the end of the academic year, we will also be holding elections for the next round of ECOS officers! All positions (whether running or re-running) will require a 2-3 minute speech expressing qualifications and new ideas for the position. We will also be recognizing newly appointed project leaders and showcasing the progress made by each project team this semester.

Available Positions:

President, VP of External Affairs, VP of Internal Affairs, Treasurer, Social Chair (X2), Webmaster (X2), E-Council Representative (X2)

Please contact Valin.3 if you are interested in running so you can be added to the ballot!


Position Descriptions:


  • Lead ECOS in furthering our mission;
  • Be the main contact person for ECOS;
  • Conduct meetings of the ECOS Cabinet and of the membership of ECOS;
  • Meet with faculty and facilitate communication between the Cabinet and the Advisory Panel to promote an effective relationship;
  • Be informed of developments that need attention from ECOS and refer them to the appropriate individuals or groups.
  • Appoint officers to the Cabinet if necessary.  Appointments may fill positions that have been vacated during a term or may create new positions if the need arises. All appointments must be approved by a majority vote of the Cabinet.
  • Conduct weekly meetings between the president, vice-presidents, and treasurer, as needed.


Vice-President of Internal Affairs

  • Serve as President in the absence of the President;
  • Manage a committee of ECOS members to coordinate all aspects of new engineering service projects;
  • Appoint a contact person for each engineering service project.
  • Attend monthly meetings with the president and vice-president for public relations;
  • Share responsibilities with Vice-President for Public Relations to balance workload and oversee new projects if necessary;
  • Assist Cabinet members in their duties as needed.


Vice-President of Public Affairs

  • Serve on a social committee with the Social Chair and other interested ECOS members planning social events, fundraisers, and maintaining social media;
  • Brainstorm and develop ideas for new projects;
  • Serve as the primary focal point for all new projects and transfer knowledge between project teams;
  • Appoint a contact person for each new engineering service project;
  • Attend monthly meetings with the president and vice-president for internal operations;
  • Assist Cabinet members in their duties as needed.


Social Chair

  • Organize a minimum of one social event per semester;
  • Organize a minimum of one fundraising event per year;
  • Publicize ECOS as much as possible and appropriate;
  • Enlist ECOS members to help publicize ECOS;
  • Maintain ECOS social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn).



  • Maintain detailed records of the income and expenditures of ECOS as a whole as well as for individual projects we organize or sponsor;
  • Work closely with projects or their appointed representatives to make sure that project budgets are handled appropriately;
  • Have the financial records audited annually by The Ohio State University as necessary for continued funding;
  • Prepare financial statements quarterly or as appropriate for the Cabinet;
  • Maintain records of activities, etc. to use in fundraising, grant applications, scrapbooks, future planning, etc.;
  • Assist Social Chair in organizing fundraising efforts for ECOS.


E-Council Representative

  • Represent ECOS at meetings of E-Council;
  • Keep the Cabinet aware of developments within E-Council.
  • Enlist ECOS members to help with any activity put-on by E-Council (i.e. Engineering Expo, Arch-E week, etc.) to earn funds for ECOS.



  • Update the website each semester with new project meeting dates and times;
  • Update the website with news of socials, fundraisers, or club achievements;
  • Update the website for any edits or suggestions from other ECOS Officers and Project Leaders.


*All Officers are required to make every effort to attend all Officer meetings and ECOS general body meetings.