Corey Gibson, Mary Scherer, and Emily Reed receive the Spirit of Ohio State Award, Spring 2017


Who Are We?

Engineers for Community Service (ECOS) is a student organization that promotes social responsibility through local and international service learning projects.

Get Involved!

ECOS sends regular emails concerning all projects, including information on how to join each project team. To learn more about a specific project, please visit the project's webpage under Local Projects or International Projects on the menu above. We also hold meetings throughout the semester where both prospective and current members can meet ECOS leaders, discuss current volunteer opportunities, and propose new project ideas.


"The mind has exactly the same power as the hands; not mearly to grasp the world, but to change it."     - Colin Wilson


Design a T-Shirt for ECOS! Submit images of the front and back to Corey Gibson.913 and Nick Valin.3 by February 13th. Officers will vote on the designs later that week. Anyone is welcome to submit a design.

Join ECOS for a comedy night! Come to the Torpedo Room of the Gateway Film Center on High St. on February 19th at 9pm for an evening of fun. The cost is $5 and all proceeds go back to ECOS.