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Environmental Collaboration

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**NOTE: Each meeting will be confirmed via email. Contact the project leader(s) to be placed on the email list.

Project Leader

Eric Hlinomaz.1

General Information

The Environmental Collaboration team is currently working with a local business that operates multiple restaurants in the Columbus area. The business wants to retrofit old shipping containers into portable urban farms for their own use and to sell to other businesses. The plan is to outfit containers with hydroponic systems in order to grow crops for sale as well as for immediate use in their restaurants. The containers will be able to run on various fuel sources including used vegetable oil, solar panels, and traditional generators and electrical power.

This project involves working on various design challenges related to the containers and their operation. Additionally, we are planning our time to help the business owners meet their goal of having a container built in the next three months, and having containers ready for buyers in six months.

Additional Information

To learn more about the Environmental Collaboration project, contact the project leaders (listed above) and view the project syllabus.


The Evironmental Collaboration project started under a different name - the Rain Garden project.  Last year (2014), ECOS collaborated with The Crest Gastropub, a local restaurant. The Crest uses local food sources, and grows many of the fruits and vegetables for their menu items on site. Much of the furniture and decorations are recycled/reused materials. The owner's goal is to spur conversation on sustainability and the environment through how his restaurant is operated. 

As a part of its goal to increase awareness of sustainability, the Crest wanted to install a rain garden on their property and contacted ECOS because to assist them in the design and construction of the garden.

With significant assistance from The Crest, FLOW (Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershead), and other local volunteers, ECOS successfully installed a rain garden at The Crest on June 14, 2014.

rain garden installationRain Garden installation at The Crest