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By volunteering in and around where ECOS is based in Columbus, Ohio, the organization helps to support their community and make it better in many ways. Some of these ways include designing and installing wheel chair ramps at community member's homes, developing technologies for the poor and homeless and their social support servies, and teaching retired students the complicated art of navigating a computer. These activities allow ECOS members to develop their skills as engineers and practice them in a way which positively effects the community.

Bike Design

Each semester, students will design a bike to meet the specific needs of an individual with a disability. Students will then build the bike, gaining experience with welding the frame and completing the full assembly.

HES Homeless Shelter Design

The HES competition focuses on aiding homeless individuals in the Columbus area. Participants will design, build, and implement a technology that will provide shelter to individuals who face homelessness in the Columbus area.

Westminster Computer Classes

Teaching basic computing to residents of the Westminster Retirement Community near OSU's campus

Wheelchair Ramps

Designing and constructing wheel chair ramps for members of the local Columbus community