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iSTEM: Low-Cost Engineering Laboratory Project

Project Leaders

Kevin Passino.1
Betty Lise Anderson.67

About the Project

This is a multi-university collaborative project with the goal of building a complete set of low-cost educational laboratory experiments for higher education in engineering and low-cost STEM projects for younger students (e.g., middle school and high school). Attention is focused on the development of experiments that illustrate key theoretical ideas, are useful pedagogically, and yet are inexpensive to construct and maintain. There is also a focus on developing on-line instruction for the experiments.

We currently have good progress in the area of electrical engineering experiments, but many challenges remain for it and other areas of engineering. We have travelled to universities outside the U.S. (e.g. Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador) to promote the project and get other universities involved.

This project's essential focus in on helping developing universities and schools; it provides a great opportunity to fully utilize your engineering skills, no matter which engineering discipline you are in, and help disadvantaged communities and the developing world.

A project trip is planned for Colombia, South America, May 2017.

For more information, visit the iSTEM web site