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Maggie McHugh Award of Excellence

The Maggie McHugh Award of Excellence is presented annually to a member of Engineers for Community Service (ECOS) who has made significant contributions to ECOS during their involvement in the club. This award is named for Maggie McHugh, who helped develop the international projects section of ECOS during her time at The Ohio State University.

Nebras Alnemer: 2016 Maggie McHugh Award Recipient

Nebras majored in Computer Science Engineering at the Ohio State University. He joined ECOS in Spring 2014. During his time in ECOS, Nebras served as a project team leader for the Our Lady of Guadalupe Food Pantry Project and the Westminster Project as well as VP of Local Projects.

"Nebras has always been one to go above and beyond in the sense that his heart is truly with ECOS. For example, at his time at Westminster, he would stay late, go help during winter and spring breaks in order to ensure the residents won't go unhelped. He has also opened my eyes to what can, and will be a great future for the ECOS organization."

"Nebras showed unwaivering effort and willingness to go above and beyond his duties, both as a project leader and as Vice President."

"Nebras made his ECOS projects and community service a priority. No matter how busy he was with school and work, he dedicated time each week to improving the club and the community. Residents and volunteers at Westminster knew that he truly cared."


Maggie McHugh: 2015 Maggie McHugh Award Recipient

Maggie majored in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Business Entrepreneurship at the Ohio State University. She joined ECOS in Fall 2012.

During her time in ECOS, Maggie served as the leader of the Recycling Off Campus Awareness partnership with the Environmental Engineering Society as well as VP of International Projects.

"Maggie dedicated her time and talent to creating international engineering service experiences where students can go to learn and grow for years to come."