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Westminster Technology Help

Meeting Time / Location

Mondays 5:30 - 7:30pm

717 Neil Ave, Columbus, OH  43215

If you need transportation, we leave from Panera Bread on Lane Ave (meet near the front of the restaurant) around 5:30pm. We are also able to give rides from the Ohio Union south entrance (roundabout).

Project Leaders

Ceile Moore.3451, Alec Schnabel.24, Aswin Krishnan.127

General Information

Westminster-Thurber Community is a retirement home off of Neil Avenue, about 5-10 minutes from campus. Each semester ECOS holds weekly "office hours" sessions to address technical questions the residents may have.  

These can include questions on

  • printing,
  • creating documents in the Microsoft Office Suite
  • setting up email and social network accounts, and
  • configuring mobile devices

among other topics. 

ECOS has received highly positive feedback from the residents, particularly because students teach the residents to address similar problems on their own in the future.


The Westminster Computer Classes project started in fall 2007.  Initially, in the 2007-2008 school year, the ECOS impact was pretty small. Our work in the classes consisted of a TA-like role. Westminster residents would teach the class and two ECOS volunteers would walk around and help the students when they had trouble. The residents enjoyed having us around, as we gave a slightly different perspective on the class material. At the end of the 10-week program, Westminster asked ECOS to step in and teach the classes. Starting in Fall 2008, ECOS had the responsibility of revising the teaching manual and teaching the classes for the 10-week program. Thanks to a handful of volunteers, the first three years were a great success.  We look forward to improving the project, and expanding the classes throughout the city.