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LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

ECOS is partnering with the Columbus Green Building Forum (CGBF) to do research on, and eventually help design and build, a LEED house. LEED is part of a major new effort to promote sustainable development around the world. There are three designations for a LEED house, varying with the amount of compliance with LEED regulations – silver, gold and platinum. Only one platinum LEED house has been built in the country (in California), and CGBF’s last project merited the ranking of gold. Eventually, we would like for professional engineers and architects in the industry to partner with us in this project. Part of ECOS’s role in this project is doing research on various aspects of green building. Our contact, Meera Parthasarathy, has given us several topics to research. They are:

  • Radiant Heating Panels
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Solar Thermal Heating Systems
  • Geothermal Systems
  • Passive Solar Design

These topics each have their own section under the LEED Research thread on ECOS’s website forum. Three of these topics have already been researched somewhat by ECOS members: passive solar, geothermal systems and tankless water heaters. Check out the forum to get a feel for those three areas, and then check out Resources (on the left side of the page) => Sustainable Development for the articles the volunteers compiled with more in-depth information. If research piques your interest, pick out a topic that you want to learn more about and see what you can find in the libraries on campus, or through search engines like Google. You can post any questions or interesting findings on the forum. Meera has also given us a charrette summary of the project – Alex will be uploading this online shortly. For more information, you can also visit CGBF’s website at