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Engineering Capstone Project Development

We need your help developing engineering senior design projects for adoption into the OSU College of Engineering curriculum. These projects could address technical aspects of social, political or economic needs in Columbus, the U.S. or developing nations. Some of these projects will be taken on by interdisciplinary teams of OSU students in engineering, science, business, international studies, foreign language – you name it. Students of all major areas are invited to participate in this process; we need perspectives of students in social sciences as much as perspectives of engineering students. These projects will be considered by the newly formed Engineering Education Innovations Center (EEIC) for inclusion in a new multi-disciplinary engineering capstone sequence. Please see the attached letter below to ECOS from Dr. Gustafson, Director of the EEIC.

To begin this effort, ECOS and the Engineering Education Innovations Center (EEIC) sponsored a kick-off brainstorming session Thursday, February 5th, 2009. We still need help brainstorming more potential project ideas. If you have any ideas (any problem anywhere in the world that could use a new technological solution), please email them to us.

ECOS Proposal Process