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Choluteca, Honduras

Project Leaders

Roger Dzwonczyk.1
Mariant Gutierrez-Soto.1

General Information

Choluteca, a city in southern Honduras, is home to over 150,000 Hondurans. In 2005, ECOS launched an engineering service-learning program with Ohio State alumni Larry and Angie Overholt. The service-learning program in Choluteca was designed to introduce and teach students the concepts of humanitarian engineering and to drive students to use resources, knowledge, and skills learned throughout their education in a practical, real-world experience.

The service-learning program with Choluteca is a constantly evolving project from year to year as students build upon past projects and information while creating new innovative solutions. Some past projects include:

  • Building an aquaponics system that produces both fish and vegetables for the community
  • Implement two solar-powered systems in conjunction with the aquaponics system
  • Test two alternative electrical power systems (wind generator and bicycle powered battery charger)
  • Analyzing and developing housing structure improvements and cost-effective housing alternatives

The service-learning program consists of two parts. The first is a three credit-hour class taught during Spring Semester where students will study and research various issues and solutions relative to their project. The second part consists of a study abroad trip during May.

Additional Information

For more information about the service-learning program in Choluteca, visit the OIA Study Abroad webpage for Choluteca.