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While ECOS spends a significant amount of time focusing on projects which can be completed in and around members local communities, the organization also sets goals for developing countries throughout the world. ECOS has been involved in a variety service-learning projects to help organizations who need the abilities and products that engineers provide, but are unable to afford the cost. By providing these services, these developing areas are able to have basic needs such as clean water and simple irrigation systems for crops, which without ECOS, they would not be able to obtain.

Montaña de Luz

ECOS applies their engineering skills to help day to day life at this orphanage for children with HIV/AIDS in Honduras.

Choluteca, Honduras

In the past, ECOS has served the over 150,000 Hondurans living in Choluteca by developing alternative-energy solutions to everyday living, including an aquaponics / solar panel system and a wind-generator.

Low-Cost Engineering Lab Project

This project challenges ECOS to develop low-cost educational laboratory experiments for higher education in engineering in other countries.