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Bike Design Project

Meeting Time / Location

1 hour every other week at The Innovation Studio @ Newton Hall 

Contact Jen for more details.

Project Leaders

Jen Schlegel.56


General Information

The ECOS Bike Design Project is focused on providing specially-designed bikes to children with disabilities. Each semester, students will design a bike to meet the specific needs of an individual. Students will then build the bike, gaining experience with welding the frame and completing the full assembly.

Donated biked are collected so that as many parts as possible may be reused; remaining parts and raw materials will be purchased from local partners.

In the past, students designed a bike for an 11-year old girl paralyzed from the waist down. This bike required a hand-crank system and 3 wheels, along with seating and sizing that can adjust as she grows. The bike was built for rugged terrain and weather.