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Officer Directory

Core Officers

President Corey Gibson.913
Vice President of Internal Affairs Kevin Everson.47
Vice President of Public Affairs Nick Valin.3
Treasurer / Fundraising Jonathan Wang.6912
Webmasters Jake Adelstein.16
  Gregory Antonini.5
Social Chairs

Andrew Copa.4

  Chase Wilder.113
E-Council Representatives David Adkins.373
  Aset Mohamednur.2

Local Project Leaders

Ask a Buckeye TBD
Bike Design Evan Martindale.40
Downhill Derby Conner Longworth.17
Humanitarian Engineering Scholars (HES) Design Challenge Cade Gayagoy.4
  Nick Penix.17
  Nick Valin.3
Westminster Computer Classes

Anthony Antinone.7

  Corey Antinone.6
  Jonathan Accurso.3
Wheel Chair Ramps

Andy Koch.367

Worthington Resource Pantry App

Shantanu Bhardwaj.35

  Sam Farren.19